The COVID-19 and how it is effecting people

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The COVID-19 and how it is effecting people

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My wife and I have been in self-induced isolation since 10 March 2020. The last function we attended was a dinner outing with a bunch of Corvette club members. We had our own room and bar tender. It was a great, fun time. Then, the crap hit the fan. During the first 60 days we recruited our youngest son and his girl friend to shop for groceries for us. We also recruited our grand daughter to do the same thing. After the 60 days, we did venture out to a few places, but only briefly. In the 3rd month we bought groceries to last a month at a time. We are still doing that.

At first, we had little difficulty keeping busy. Since both of us are retired, there was plenty to do around the house. I revamped the garage clearing out lots of things that were no longer needed. During the busy times in the garage, my weight dropped 7 pounds...a good thing. We stayed in touch with family members by phone or text message. Other friends in our age group with fewer hobbies, were having difficulty and were grossly bored. BTW, they were bored before social distancing took place. The COVID-19 just added more boredom because restaurants were closed along with hundreds of other small businesses.

Today is 23 July 2020. People are being tested in large numbers and the number of positives for the virus has increased. People continue to be hospitalized, but luckily, the death rate has dropped off. Notwithstanding, isolation is now causing problems for many people. For my wife and I, we haven't seen our grown up kids in weeks, haven't socialized with anyone, are arguing more about nothing than ever before, and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. Watching TV is discouraging. News is critical and destructive. People can't agree on anything. Few people come up with possible solutions to problems yet those with possible solutions are criticized severely. No one has a decent idea anymore...and my wife and I know that's not true. Common sense seems to have taken a long vacation.

The COVID-19 has decimated our way of life in the USA and has turned Americans against themselves. We need to solve problems, stop the overt criticism, reform and revitalize law enforcement, and people need to start applying common sense to life's curve balls. Medical people have done a fantastic job and they deserve applause and a big thanks.While most people are pulling for a remedy, others are not and they adore the chaos and drama it has brought down upon all of us. My wife and I will struggle to stay upbeat and will do what we can to stay healthy, physically and mentally, during this bizarre time.
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