TA Debuts (finally)

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TA Debuts (finally)

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After coaxing by my wife, the TA was entered into a local car show held yesterday. The show was a fundraiser for the Boys Scouts, South Florida Council.

It was a nice warm, sunny Florida day to end February. My wife and I got to the event early, registered and set up for the day. Lots of vehicles of all shapes, colors and sizes came in for the next two or so hours and parked their rides for display. After a while, we strolled through the long rows of vehicles, gawking at engine bays, interiors and chatting with owners. It was fun. Masks were required and worn by all. That requirement did not thwart enthusiasm as everyone seemed to be in good spirits and very happy to be out in public chatting and socializing. Talking about vehicles was the main topic all day long. While Bob Seeger's voice and music could be heard often throbbing through the large speakers, Scouts were out helping to park cars and did other things like conducting Pine Wood Derby races, passing out burgers to patrons and enjoying the outdoors.

This was my TA's first car event since 2002, it was exciting to bring it out and show it. Pontiac cars remain rare at car shows for the most part in South Florida. There are always a few GTOs and an occasional big car and once in a while a Firebird and even more seldom a Trans Am. I did see what appeared to be a 70 TA, white with the blue stripe but never saw it displayed. There were two first gen Firebirds, one a 69 TA clone and a nice 68, both convertibles. My 79 was the only 2nd generation F-body present and it caught the eye of dozens of car owners and visitors that walked around it. Many questions were asked and fielded by me and surprisingly by my wife. Things that I told her during the restoration stayed with her and she was very capable of answering questions about the car when I wasn't present. 8-)

It was a wonderful "coming out" party for us.
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Re: TA Debuts (finally)

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Sounds like a grand day! I'm waiting in anticipation of my first this year.
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