2020 Car Shows Season is Stalled

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2020 Car Shows Season is Stalled

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From my personal experience here in South Florida, car shows start up in January and are frequent until May. After that they are infrequent because of the high temperatures along with the baking sun and thunderstorms that come and go. Cruise nights typically run throughout the year. In October through the end of the year weather changes and a few more car show events take place. Then it starts over again. This year is an anomaly--thanks to the Corona virus that has knocked us all to the ground in one way or another.

Car shows in this area appeared to be coming back as things were getting better and activity was increasing with stores and businesses but then the number of new virus cases started to go up. Today, it's safe to say that there will be no car shows in this area to speak of, if any, during the summer and it's not likely that car shows will take place in October through December either.

I'm guessing that car show activity around the country is similarly on hold because of the virus that is still making the rounds--now infecting the younger crowd as they have been lax in social distancing. What is the car show scene like in your locale?
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Re: 2020 Car Shows Season is Stalled

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Yep, we've been on hold as well and like Florida, it gets muggy and hot here but the shows go on with pretty good turn out. We've only had a few cruise ins this year and that only because we decided to get together, nothing official or coordinated.
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Re: 2020 Car Shows Season is Stalled

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Bigger National type shows up here in the Midwest are cancelled (as far as I know). Smaller events and private shows in rural areas are going on with no restrictions. In our 4 county area state corner (half the size of New Jersey): We have had about 20 positive cases in since May, rural areas here are not having the issues like the bigger cities. No curve to flatten. Some of the race tracks are adding car shows to events, they all are following social distance guidelines.

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