Garage Shop Honesty

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Garage Shop Honesty

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A couple of weeks ago I stopped by the "all services" repair shop that specializes in AC work. They have serviced many of our cars over the years. The reason for the stop was to coordinate a time to get the Sanden styled AC system recharged in my TA as it was blowing out warm air after sitting and not being used for about 3 years. In addition, I enquired about putting the TA up on a lift and checking the tie rods. "Ok" fine they said, initially.

Yesterday, I dropped by the same shop and relayed the previous info to one of the other employees and surprisingly was told that he had no tech in the shop capable of working on these older cars. :o He said they could recharge the Sanden AC system for me. I was surprised at first, but realized that this shop's bread and butter was not 42 years old cars. While I understand that tie rods are not a mystery, the shop chose not to get involved with a car that was older than their employees. I respect the shop's honesty as well as declining to work with a finicky customer (me) with a prized show car.
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Re: Garage Shop Honesty

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Well, I guess that’s better than them trying to fix it, then screwing it up. :)
They would probably stand there and look at it like I do when popping the hood on a modern car. I’m still trying to figure out what half the things under the hood are on my Duramax. I’ve never owned a diesel before.

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