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Posted: June 17th, 2020, 3:24 pm
by Admin
The User Control Panel:
Every person that registers and is activated to use the forum will see their user name in the upper right of the menu bar. As the Administrator, I have a small avatar, a 4 speed gear shift ball, which is to the left of my user name. This location is where your user name will appear and what is important is this is also where there is a drop down menu. Click on it and the drop-down menu appears containing: User Control Panel, Profile, and Log Out buttons.

Clicking on the User Control Panel allows you to include information in your profile, create a signature line that will appear below your posts, create an avatar (image) that personalizes you as a member of the new PSP forum.

Including an avatar or adding text or images in a signature line is optional. As the administrator I have two accounts, one as the administrator and the other as Bill Boyle. On posts pertaining to the operation of the forum, I switch from Bill Boyle, just another Pontiac enthusiast, to the administrator. When posting as Bill Boyle, I have a small avatar, me in my paint respirator, and text and images in my signature. These will appear in every post until they are either removed or changed. As a active registered member, you have the same options as I do when in the Bill Boyle mode. ;) Explore, give it a try.