Bitchin' Rides

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Bitchin' Rides

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With little to do the past few days as the count down for the year plugged along, I took time to watch re-runs of Bitchin' Rides. I've seen every episode and was hungry to re-watch them. Three things became evident. First, their customers are loaded and can afford the costs of parts and intensive labor to modify their cars with the Kindig-it touch. Secondly, Kindig has employed amazingly skilled artisans that work every aspect of the intended vehicle with what appears to be near perfect precision. Third, their project, once completed, is amazing and far better than what any one person, no matter how skilled, could do by him or herself.

They do great work, no doubt about it. Perhaps the best in the entire country.
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Re: Bitchin' Rides

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I agree, and the last time I checked, there's about a year waiting list to get your car in.
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