Campaign for PSP Forum Growth

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Campaign for PSP Forum Growth

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The new PSP has been up since May and growth has come to a halt. To make the forum a good place to come for Pontiac related help, we must have topics of interest that bring enthusiasts to it. The old iteration of the PSP forum had hundreds of topics and thousands of post. Threads were sometimes short while others were long discussing a topic ad infinitum. Since the thousands of old posts could not be migrated to the new forum, it is imperative for the current user base to post topics of interest to generate more interest and with that more legitimate Pontiac registrants and users may follow.

In addition, please let other Pontiac enthusiasts know about the new forum and encourage them to register and participate. To help keep the Pontiac hobby alive and well means continual effort on everyone's part to promote interest in our cars. Do what you can do to promote the hobby and this forum. Thank you very much.

Bill Boyle
"Dedicated to keeping the classic Pontiac engine alive."

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