Iphone photo posted

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Iphone photo posted

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I am late with having and using an Iphone, so figuring out how to post a photo took a bit of exploring. First off the photo above is the total fluid recently removed from my TA. It was flushed.

The program resized the photo to the dimensions seen above so that's pretty cool. As far as getting it on the forum here is what I did.

Pull up the browser on your Iphone and type in the forum url address: https://www.psp.pontiacstreetperformance.com
Once you get the forum to load you need to login. User name and password
Then go to the topic area and in this case added a new topic: Iphone photo posted
Next find the little icon with the tiny photo in it and cllck it;
Then scroll down below the text box and find the Attachments tab and click the Add files button, that brings up a menu from the Iphone containing 3 possibilities, Take a Photo, Photo Library and Browse. Choose Photo Library.
(Note: The Photo Library is were the above photo was residing.) Then select the photo you want to post by touching it. Then at the top of the Iphone select DONE and that returns you to the forum page you were on. Then select the PREVIEW button and the photo will appear for your review. If ok select the SUBMIT button and the photo is posted.

Drake, if I can do this, you can do it as well.
There is probably a similar procedure for other smart phones.
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