Rules of Engagement for THE NEUTRAL ZONE

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Rules of Engagement for THE NEUTRAL ZONE

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This is non-political forum. Non-Pontiac related topics only. Discuss hobbies, sports, art, music, antiques, collections, hunting, fishing, boating, woodworking, metal working, power tools, hand tools, repairs around the house, working with subcontractors, computers, radios, televisions, books, domesticated animals, wild animals, places to live, travel, clothing, restaurants, food and beverages. This in not an exhaustive list of safe topics. As of 4 August 2020, all persons wishing to participate on this forum will be granted permission to do so by me, or not, in order to stop spammers.

No swearing and use of profanity permitted. No racial slurs, name calling, or abuse rhetoric. Topics and comments that do not comply will be removed by the webmaster or by selected moderators. Please govern yourselves accordingly.
As in the past...thank you for abiding by the rules.
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