Scary movies of yesteryear

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Scary movies of yesteryear

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I was talking with my grandson about movies that scared me when I was his age. He's 12.

The movies that were scary were produced long before I was born and they were all filmed for the big screen--in black and white. Those movies I saw repeatedly on television on a small black and white tv during the '50s. There was no hi fidelity sound, and the picture was maybe 17" or 19". Sitting close got the "don't sit so close you'll ruin your eyes" comments from my mom. However, seeing the scary faces and the scary action required sitting within a few feet of the screen for effect. Those films that I've seen many, many times are: Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolf Man, The Mummy and the one seen most often (over 50 times) was King Kong. The eerie way they used darkness to build emotion and make you jump is pretty much a lost trick today. Now, it must be colorfully graphic. Back then the viewer, like me, used imagination to keep things suspenseful. :lol:

Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney and the big gorilla that lived on Skull Island, Kong (the love interest and girl in distress, Fray Wray, the big shot producer, Robert Armstrong and the hero, Bruce Cabot had the starring roles. [Kong loved that girl to the very end.]

The only movie of these 5 that I got to see on the big screen was King Kong during 1972. Not nearly as scary at age 24 as when I was 8-12, but it was great fun. I can understand why it was such a big box office hit in 1933. ;)
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Re: Scary movies of yesteryear

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I love the old scary movies. The modern gore ones do nothing for me. My kids will watch these, but they seem boring.
I remember a few movies I saw on TV when I was a kid that scared the heck out of me. The Haunting was one of those, the old version. I think it was remade a few years ago. I like that movie so much I bought a copy.
I remember a few episodes of Rod Serlings “Night Gallery” that scared me too! They were kind of hit or miss though.
A more modern movie I would recommend is called The Others. It stars Nichole Kidman. Who is pretty easy on the eyes to boot. It’s a VERY well done,and well acted ghost story that uses suspense as opposed to gore and special effects. I actually bought a copy and have watched it multiple times with my young ones. ... tate=ivlbx

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